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What's the Process?

First, we talk. All good projects begin with a good conversation. You may already know exactly what you need, or you may need help figuring it out. Your marketing needs may be tactical, or they may require a more comprehensive and strategic look. So, first we have a conversation.

For strategic issues, the next step is often spending some time with your team or key people — a facilitated discussion among participants with varying viewpoints or insights always evokes a clearer picture. We emerge with a sharper understanding of the core issues to resolve or areas of highest opportunity. And then we get busy.

The circle below depicts an ideal sales and marketing strategy and plan. Which piece of the circle is missing or broken within your organization? Minerva Marketing can help figure it out, then review, repair or build the missing arc. Once the circle is complete and well-operating, you can watch your "circle" roll toward the revenue and clear results!

The Minerva Marketing Process

What are the specific services?

The following are examples of the services Minerva Marketing provides:

  • One Day Marketing "Diagnosis" – A half-day session to assess the entire spectrum of your current sales and marketing approach and uncover specific areas of opportunity.
  • Marketing Strategy – Create comprehensive marketing strategy based on market trends, insights on the clients and growth targets, target client characteristics, buyer and influencer profiles, sales pipeline and management and other relevant topics.
  • Communications Plans – Determine communications activities needed to reach target audiences, including advertisement, PR and media outreach, client events, conference speakerships and sponsorships, prospective client roundtable discussions, direct e-mail, social media and others.
  • Brand & Marketing Materials – Write core messages, craft a compelling visual identity to support the messages, and create a suite of marketing materials (including logos, print materials and websites).
  • Strategic Client Discussions – Create a markets insights-based business development discussion tool or guide for use with new prospects, or to grow and retain current clients.
  • Virtual CMO – Provide regular, ongoing guidance on all activities related to implementing the marketing strategy and communications plans. Monitor progress, offer direction and support, measure activities and success.
  • Sales Pipeline Management/Cross-Selling/Business Development – Help identify and prioritize target clients, create a conversation to reach prospects at the highest level, provide business development coaching on conducting strategic client conversations, building client relationships, preparing a team for proposal presentations, negotiation, and more.
  • Market and Trend Research – Conduct market awareness, customer satisfaction, and trend research activities. Use the ensuing insight to improve or sharpen communications and brand awareness activities.

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