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"Nearly impossible deadlines, excessively tight budgets, and a client with outrageously high expectations — Barbara accepted each and performed miracles. To this day, the work she has done for our organization remains among the best we've ever distributed in our 46-year history. I recommend her highly and without reservation." — Vice President, Business Advocacy Company

"It's been a long time since I've worked on deadline in a group, but I don't ever remember it being this pleasurable. Barbara, you are a true professional. Congrats. I can't wait to see the final materials in print." — Head of School, Private High School

"Barbara!!!! Working with you has been one of the best experiences I have had as a professional in a very long time. I am so grateful that you gave me the opportunity to work with this team." — Owner, Design firm

"Our market segment leader wants to meet these "miracle workers" who managed to deliver such great new materials so quickly. Thanks for helping to make our product re-launch a success!" — Director, Product Marketing, Large Financial Services Institution

"Barbara is a fantastic facilitator and trainer. She brings a lot of energy to the team and really helped us to stay focused." — Project Leader, Government Agency

"Minerva Marketing was exactly what we needed to help take our firm to the next level of sophistication regarding marketing and communications. Barbara understands our business and is helping us achieve our growth goals — by implementing smart tactical materials and plans." — President, Tax Advisory Firm

"Savvy, smart and effective, Barbara uses her quick thinking and marketing expertise to help clients focus on what is most important regarding strategy, positioning and messages. She works hard and knows where to put resources for the best outcomes. If you can get some of Barbara's time, grab it, and watch her transform your marketing challenges into success." — President and CEO, Social Marketing & Medical Technology Company

Sample Client List

We've had the pleasure of working with a dozens of organizations in several industries. Although we specialize in professional services, we have experience helping corporate clients as well as those in education, government and other areas. A representative sample of clients follows.

Corporations Click to show more

  • Boneal
  • BuildTopia
  • DDC Advocacy
  • Finding Cures, Inc.
  • ICF International
  • Kracklebox, Inc.
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Sallie Mae
  • Valspresso Inc.

Professional Services Click to show more

  • BuildTopia
  • DDC Advocacy
  • Ernst & Young
  • Fall Real Estate
  • Finding Cures, Inc.
  • HLA & Associates
  • ICF International
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Sallie Mae
  • Seigel & Associates
  • Signature Thinkers
  • Tilson HR
  • York & Chapel

Financial Services Click to show more

  • Ernst & Young
  • Sallie Mae
  • Seigel & Associates
  • Valspresso Inc.

Government, Education, Associations Click to show more

  • American University
  • Barracks Row Main Street
  • Inspectors General Training Academy (CIGIE)
  • National Manufacturer’s Association (NAM)
  • Sallie Mae
  • National Cancer Institute
  • The Field School

Case Studies

Market Strategy Development & Positioning

Environmental and Energy Firm

Creating an Effective Identity and Positioning

A new start-up firm in Dallas needed a visual identity and market positioning to feature its competitive advantages in the energy efficiency industry. Minerva Marketing helped sharpen its target market and craft compelling languages to describe its services and value.

Tax Firm

Setting Market Strategy and Bringing it to Life

This start-up firm based in New York City helps companies comply with new tax regulations, and needed Minerva Marketing to operate as its virtual Chief Marketing Officer. We worked to increase brand awareness, wrote new materials, created a new visual identity, and worked to develop a sales pipeline for new business. Minerva Marketing is helping the firm focus on what it does best — talk to qualified clients and deliver excellent tax advisory services.

HR Outsourcing & Advisory Firm

New Product & Positioning for a New Market

This privately held HR firm based in the Midwest is shifting its client base into the middle market and expanding its services. Minerva Marketing helped clearly identify their new target market, research and develop new product names, create compelling marketing messages and new sales materials, and outline an annual communications plan. Our goal was to provide the sales team with the tools they needed to drive revenue and achieve their growth targets.

Branding Materials & Market Awareness

Professional Services Firm

Cascading the Brand Through New Collateral

A rapidly growing environmental, health and engineering consulting firm needed to move from its more than 400 technical marketing pieces to a new "first impression" series of marketing tools. Minerva Marketing provided strategic guidance for the large multi-dimensional project, helping create client-facing pieces that more effectively (and consistently) convey their brand and competitive advantages. The project involved strong writing, redesign, management and careful and thoughtful internal communications.

Private High School

Branding, Positioning, Market Awareness

This small private high school was struggling with its market positioning and messaging. This "identity crisis" was causing confusion inside and outside the school, and they were concerned that it ultimately would cause a drop in applications, funding, or the ability to attract the right staff. The results uncovered in strategic discussions facilitated by Minerva Marketing were clear — the school was downplaying two of its competitive advantages. Minerva Marketing helped the school shift its' messaging, develop a new visual identity, design communications, and undertake base line market research.

Sales & Communications Tools

Defense Contractor

Keeping the Message Current – and the Website Fresh

The Human Resources department within a large defense contractor had terrific messages for employees but needed to deliver them in a clearer and more consistent way. Minerva Marketing re-tooled the architecture for several intranet eHR sections to improve the context and flow, rewrote the messages and created a more compelling and consistent visual presentation. Expected results include an increase in awareness of and appreciation for its HR programs and benefits.

Business Advocacy Company

Measuring Success – and Spreading the Word

This non-partisan organization's mission is to spread a pro-business message to employees of large organizations and ultimately get more people involved in the political process. Minerva Marketing's first step was to get the message right and design clear, compelling communications tools with wide audience appeal. Next step: distribute through a series of channels to 1.3 million people. Minerva Marketing also measured the results of communications such as these through an extensive online survey, conducting the research, analyzing the results and publishing a report that the client still uses as its primary marketing tool.

Financial Services/Accounting Firm

Turning Academic Research into a Selling Tool

One of the largest global accounting firms needed help "translating" an academic paper on HR Risk into a more compelling client-facing piece. Minerva Marketing analyzed the target market and sifted through the findings to uncover the real value of the results — and then created a clear, concise marketing tool that the accounting firm's business development and other people could bring to clients and prospects.

Product/Service Line Marketing Plans

Financial Services Company

Refreshed Market Segment Review, Product Management Help

A large, publicly traded financial services company was facing new challenges including increased regulations that narrowed its profit margins and forced a substantial re-organization. Minerva Marketing helped re-shape its strategy for a specific market segment and managed one of its most profitable product lines through a critical product re-launch.

University Graduate Programs

Bolstering Admissions through Marketing & Messages

Two of this university's graduate programs were faltering and the Admissions department needed help figuring out a solution. Through prospective and current student surveys, competitive scans and market analyses, Minerva Marketing developed communications campaigns and materials tailored to each program to boost awareness among prospective students, and increase the pipeline of applicants. We're already seeing increased responses to several communications tactics and positive reactions to the improved materials.

Social Marketing & Medical Technology Company

Service Line Focus and Operational Delivery

This start up company had three services: using new technology to find patients for clinical trials, developing community awareness campaigns and offering patient navigation tools. Minerva Marketing helped them focus on building short-term revenue growth in only one of its three services, capitalizing on a short-term competitive advantage.. The strategic discussions resulted in shifting the priorities of the company, and tactical action steps that led to almost immediate results.


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